What Is An Learning Management System(LMS)?

Learning Management System
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Talent Learning Management System(LMS) is the best what is an lms and very easy to use. This cloud-based learning management system offers an out-of-the-box solution where you only need to register and add courses to enable e-learning.It also offers a free trial and customizable pricing plans based on your business needs.

You can easily organize virtual training through Talent Learning Management System(LMS) and integrate virtual conferencing and video conferencing software like Zoom into the Learning Management System(LMS). It also allows you to create compelling course modules, leveraging existing media or using content available on the Internet.

Main Features:

Out of the box: create new courses, add users and get started with just a few clicks.

Cmi5 – This xAPI-based specification facilitates efficient exchange of e-learning data. It also defined interoperability rules for content viewing, session management, authentication, reporting and course structure between Learning Management System(LMS) and Learning Record Stores.

File repository – Organize files, share them with users and easily reuse them for your learning modules.

Grading Engine – Evaluate student progress with various types of tests and analyze test results through various data reports.


It allows you to automatically create study plans for students with restricted learning paths.

It offers a combination of e-Learning and instructor-led training.

It supports calendar, personal messages and discussion forums.

Easily monetize your courses by selling them through PayPal or Stripe.

Manage your learning environment by segregating them into branches. Each branch will act as a separate entity with its own users, courses, and topics.

Full control of content management and creation.

Control of course materials, course authorship and course management.

Offers the ability to set learning objectives tailored to your training needs.


Learn Dash.

Learn Dash is a WordPress Learning Management System(LMS) plugin that allows you to publish online courses.

It comes with an easy-to-navigate user interface and takes advantage of custom post types to create course modules with ease.

It allows companies to charge a fee to access e-Learning content in a variety of ways. Furthermore, it comes equipped with an extensive library of official and third-party plugins along with various integration options to let you take advantage of additional features.

Furthermore, this cloud-based Learning Management System(LMS) platform allows companies to publish an unlimited number of online courses. Even if you are a beginner, you also have nothing to worry about as it offers a drag and drop interface to quickly create new courses and publish e-Learning content online.

Main Features:

Focus Mode – Give your students a dedicated virtual learning environment and let your content take center stage, eliminating all distractions.

Flexible Prerequisites – This feature helps students determine which courses to take and in what order.

Course Bundle – offers a bundle of courses to better monetize your e-Learning content.


You have the option to choose from eight different question types to make quizzes more engaging.

Allows you to assign course points to students as they complete a course module or reach the next level.

It offers powerful integration with Stripe, PayPal or 2 Checkout to help you monetize your e-Learning and Learning Management System platform.

Run your e-Learning platform across multiple sites just as efficiently.

It is fully compatible with mobile devices including tablets, smartphones, laptops and more.

Easy integrations with WordPress and social sharing use cases on social media channels.

Learning Management System

Sky Prep.

Sky Prep allows companies to customize their e-Learning and Learning Management System interface and is the best choice for business training.

It allows administrators to include business logos, choose themes, select colors, splash screens, icons and images based on their branding requirements. It also provides custom URL and e-Learning certificate customization.

You can easily upload e-learning files including MS Office files, PDFs, videos, embedded links and multimedia presentations.

Do you want to save your precious time? For this, it also allows the administrator to reuse the same content in other courses, saving a lot of time. In addition, Sky Prep offers powerful self-scoring survey and evaluation features.

Main Features:

Advanced Reporting – Provides visual reports, multiple levels of reporting, and course performance profiles to easily measure student performance.

Robust Integration – You also get an open API to help you integrate with the systems you are already using in your office.

Enterprise-grade security: Protects all data on a secure, SSL-certified cloud infrastructure and provides full access control to the platform.


Customize Learning Management System paths to restrict the flow of courses.

PCI-DSS compliant to enable secure transactions.

Offers access to a number of predefined courses to help you easily launch an e-Learning and Learning Management System platform.

You can easily log in via other social platforms such as Gmail, Facebook, Windows Live and LinkedIn.

It also offers self-managed recurring training.

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