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A learning management system ( LMS ) is a type of software or technology supported online that allows you to create, implement and develop a training program or a specific learning process.

In its most common format, it employs two elements: a server that supports the functionality of the course and a user interface operated by instructors, students, and operators.

Although there are hundreds of LMS on the market, each one with different characteristics, generally all of them are in charge of providing the instructor with a system to create and distribute content, monitor the participation of the students and evaluate them.

Most of the LMS platforms provide the student with the ability to interact through videoconferences, discussion forums and solving exams or exercises.

These systems are used by business organizations, government agencies, traditional educational institutions, and online courses. Furthermore, they can complement or enhance traditional educational methods while saving time and resources.

An efficient LMS software will allow instructors and administrators to manage functions such as user registration, class content, calendars, user access, communication, certifications and notifications.